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Share Tips and stock market news from ex Daily Mail journalist Michael Walters. This subscription website features share tips and a bulletin board for UK small investors interested in playing the stock market. Risk Warning: Buying shares is gambling, and can damage your wealth. Share prices may rise, fall or crash. Only use money you can afford to lose. We strive to be honest and fair, but accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. Do not rely for help on any regulator should you suffer from crooks, cheats or conmen. For further risk warnings, click here
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Reabold Rundown
Where is Reabold Now?
Disgust and Dismay
Solid Returns
An attractive long term hold.
Take Another Deep Breath
Eden rolls on.
Sit Tight
Sit this little panic out.
The Waiting Game
Stick with Verditek.
Cognitive Dissonance
Worrying about the market.
Good Golly
Broker backing Reabold.
Happy Christmas
All the goodies.
To Boldly Go
A space ace looks at Bluejay.
Bulletin Board
Fidelity Special Values
Watched the AGM pres on IMC - very positive
London close + Winners and Losers
Director dealings
Thanks ShoeShineBoy. KITE changes coming. Interesting number33 IT big winners!

Looking forward at Verditek.

Flickers of Life  
Verditek starting to move.

Flickers of Light  
Plugging away at Verditek.

Hitting a New High  
An old favourite excels.

Have Yourself a Quiet Little Christmas  
Take it easy towards Christmas.

In the Money  
Union Jack gets the cash.

Cool Jay  
The real message from Bluejay.

Figuring Out West Newton  
A stab at the West Newton values.


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