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How do I signup?
To signup online
click here.

Why do I not recieve email alerts ?
Be aware Mike does not send out e-mail alerts with every new story posted. If you are not receiving email alerts, login and check the address is correct in "
your profile".
If the address is correct please check your spam folder if you something like that to see if the message is flagged as spam.
It is possible your ISP is blocking our emails, for example aol.com.

I lost my password what do I do?
click here to have your password emailed to you instantly.

How do I know when my subscription is up for renewal?
When your subscription is due we will send you an e-mail and a screen will appear when you login, also you can see the date your subscription is due on the
your profile page.

How do I change my email address or other details?
Login and goto "
your profile" to change your details.

How do I pay? Where do I send a cheque?
click here to find out about subscription.

How do I get more help?
click here to contact us for more help.

When I post I see my username instead of my boardname
click here to set your boardname

Why have I been deleted?
We reluctantly delete subscribers after two to four weeks have elapsed, and we have not received a renewal subscription.
Sometimes, regrettably, subscribers are deleted by mistake - our records are wrong, or we have made some mistake with the cheque, or whatever.
If you believe we have got it wrong, and you should not have been deleted, please go to the subscribe form and complete it again.
As soon as we see it, we will log you back on. Then we will try to sort out the mistake.
In a very small number of cases, maybe two or three in a thousand, subscribers do not receive our emails replying to such queries.
This is usually because the subscriber has a spam blocking service which is denying us access.
If you do not get an email within three days of sending us a query by email, please write or phone us. Thank you.


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