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Happy Valentine - (BNN)
30/1/2017 (119264)

Happy Valentine

Don't take too much notice of the headline. It is just an easy eye-catcher. But somewhere around Valentine's Day, we could all be falling in love with BNN Technology (BNN) again. Or perhaps it will already have happened.

This is just a little informal note, nothing too serious, to cover some of the speculation. Treat it simply as gossip from those who watch the company closely. All it does, really, is to confirm the email from finance director Scott Kennedy published on our bulletin board on January 26 by Avid, and my noodlings in a post on the board a day earlier suggesting that all was going well, but we would hear nothing for a week or two because we had run into the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rooster, apparently.

As with all such holiday upheavals, it takes a day or two for things to settle down afterwards, so we might have something squeezed out by the end of next week. My guess - and it is only a guess - is that Valentine's Day, February 14, looks more likely. Always, with small, fast-growing companies, the news takes a little longer than scheduled. And the board of BNN is still frantically busy, back out in China next week, working to tie up deals.

The rumours have still not fixed on which US house will act as adviser for the Nasdaq listing. The list is down to three, all with much to offer - but it must be tough making a choice. Through the years it has become clear that the Americans talk a good talk, but you have to be very careful in assessing whether they can really deliver what they promise - does that sound familiar in Trump town?

There are, though, a group of big Chinese IT companies coming to Nasdaq in the spring, with valuations way up in the billions of dollars. By comparison, BNN could look very cheap, especially since it has a partnership with Xinhua News Agency and those government links behind it. Oh - by the way - the numbers in the basic business continue to be going along nicely. Not sure what games might be going on with the share price, who is long and who is short, but the word is that the company itself is going great.

Well, cock-a-doodle-do!

I have a holding in BNN.


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